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3 Simple + Healthy DIY Dressings that Wow

3 Simple + Healthy DIY Dressings that Wow

Most bottled dressings are filled with less-than-stellar ingredients like added sugars, ingredients you can't pronounce and refined, junky oils. But DIY-ing your own dressing does not have to be difficult, and we've rounded up three of our absolute favorite simple dressing recipes. 


Lemon Tahini Dressing

—via Oh She Glows


We love Angela's Protein Power Goddess bowl recipe, but the real start of the show is the Lemon Tahini dressing. It has only six ingredients but tastes like something you'd get at your favorite restaurant and is packed with healthy, anti-inflammatory fats.



The All-Purpose Vinaigrette

—via a Cup of Jo


This is the dressing you'll always have ingredients on hand for, and can be treated more like a formula. Substitute a flavorful vinegar for the lemon juice and you'll still love the results. 



Easy Green Goddess Dressing

—via Minimalist Baker


Slightly more adventurous than the other two, this Green Goddess dressing does require some shopping in advance for the bevy of fresh herbs. But it is worth it! Also makes a great dip for crudité. 



Still not convinced?

If you're looking for some better bottled options for when you're short on groceries or time, our go-tos are:


Primal Kitchen Cilantro Lime Dressing

Sir Kensington Pepperoncini Italian

Organic Girl Herb Goddess Dressing