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Fluffy Beauty Protein Waffles

Fluffy Beauty Protein Waffles

These waffles are unbelievably simple and delicious. They're fluffy and full of protein and fiber—without the carbohydrate overloadthe perfect blood-sugar-balancing breakfast to start your day. 


Fluffy Beauty Protein Waffles

gluten free + dairy free + high fiber + keto-friendly

Yield: 2 waffles



4 scoops of beauty protein (chocolate or vanilla)

1 teaspoon baking powder

Optional: 2-3 tablespoon sweetener (monkfruit, stevia, coconut sugar)

2 eggs

1 cup liquid egg whites 



Add beauty protein, baking powder and sweetener to a large bowl and mix.

Whisk in eggs and egg whites; mix until smooth. (It will be thick!)

Add to preheated, sprayed waffle iron, cook for about 6 minutes each.


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