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A Day on the Gentle Gut Reset

A Day on the Gentle Gut Reset

We recommend doing the Gentle Gut Reset for one to two days consecutively to start. Feel free to incorporate into your weekly routine up to twice per week after that to continue the gut healing. Remember, this is meant to be nourishing and enjoyable and fun. Choose foods and flavors you love.


First thing, upon Waking: Greens Ritual

Add one scoop of Greens Ritual to 8-10 oz. chilled filtered water or coconut water (we love adding a fresh squeeze of lemon.) Shake, blend, or mix vigorously. We don't recommend stirring for best solubility. If you don't love it the first time, don't despair, our community says it absolutely grows on you. Try to have this green juice before drinking coffee or tea.


Next up: A Beauty Smoothie Breakfast

Following your Greens Ritual green juice is a Beauty Protein smoothie breakfast. Try our Signature Sugar Detox recipe with two full scoops of Beauty Protein to ensure you're properly nourished for the day. Choose flavors you love and drink it slowly. 


Lunch: A Nourishing Plant-based Meal

Whether a soup, salad, or bowl, create a meal filled with vibrant vegetables and colors. Top it with healthy fats and some protein. If you need inspiration, check out the recipes in our 3-Day Glow Reset. Again, choose foods and flavors you love. Make it pretty. Eat it slowly without distractions, being mindful to chew each bite. 


Dinner: A De-bloating Beauty Smoothie

While you won't want to eat a smoothie for dinner every night, it can be an incredibly light and energizing meal when done occasionally and intentionally. Try our So Green Debloating smoothie with two full scoops of Beauty Protein. Drink it slowly and enjoy.