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Are you Making these Coffee Mistakes?

Are you Making these Coffee Mistakes?

At Skipwith, we love a good cup of really dark organic coffee. We also understand that it's essentially just a delicious vehicle for caffeine—which is a natural stimulant—and needs to be respected as such. Thankfully, it's also high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. As with most things, it's all about balance. We consulted Nutritionist Kelsie Anderson to get her tips and tricks for keeping our daily coffee habit as healthy as possible. 

According to Kelsie, "Coffee can have amazing benefits when done right. On the flipside, it can be the epitome of many symptoms including poor energy, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, thyroid disfunction, blood sugar dysregulation and more." 

So, how do we do it right? Here are our three tips for the healthiest way to drink coffee.



#1 Choose Organic (When Possible)

Coffee is one of the most chemically-treated plants out there, typically with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Avoid consuming these toxic chemicals by going organic whenever possible. Plus, USDA Organic practices are also better for the environment, too


#2 Don't Drink it on an Empty Stomach

According to Kelsie, "Never have your coffee alone and on an empty stomach. If the first and only thing you are putting into your body in the morning is caffeine, its stimulant effect is going to increase your cortisol as well as your blood glucose levels. When this happens, it sets you up for a rollercoaster of energy throughout the day." It can also wreak hormonal havoc. 


#3 Ditch the Junky Add-ins

Opt out of traditional sugary, low fat creamers. If you aren't a lover of black coffee or don't plan on eating with your coffee first thing, try adding some healthy fat. Kelsie's favorite add-ins are full fat organic milk, cinnamon and a little pure maple syrup. But she also recommends grass fed butter or coconut oil for a creamy, delicious treat that won't spike blood sugar.


As a final word, Kelsie cautions "coffee is not for everyone." She recommends breaking up "if you notice anxiety, jitters, headaches, etc. after coffee."


Find Kelsie on Instagram @bunsinbalance.