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4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you’re ready to start traveling again but not interested in catching a cold or feeling generally out of sorts, we’ve rounded up our top tips to keep you healthy, “regular,” and still feeling your best when you board the plane home.


#1—Make Hydration Easy

A hydrated body is a happy one. Bring a large refillable bottle so it’s fairly easy to track how much water you’ve had. Shoot for 80-100 ounces daily. We love bkr's sleek 1 Liter bottles.


#2—Bring Secret Weapons

Immunity-boosting supplements are a no-brainer. We bring Greens Ritual to shake up with tiny shot of water each morning for de-bloating and support for immunity and stress. (Even enjoyable travel can add stress to our bodies.) A high quality Vitamin D (if you need it) is another great add-on.


#3—Focus on Fiber

Fill your plate with vegetables whenever you can. Fiber is essential to staying “regular” and supporting overall gut health. Supplement as needed (we will sometimes add a scoop of Beauty Protein to almond milk or hotel smoothie to amp up our fiber.) We also love packing beauty muffins as a delicious fiber-filled travel snack.


#4—Make Sleep a Priority

Pull together a sleeping kit, which includes an eye mask (we love this organic one from Coyuchi) and ear plugs. Prioritize sleep as much as possible (ditch any idea of 5am workouts), and nap if you can.


And of course… Wash your hands, wipe down any common areas, and get in gentle movement that won’t further stress your body. Walking and Pilates are ideal.